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Wedding Photography Moments
It is your special day. I will love to be your wedding photographer. I will capture your wedding moments and turn them into beautiful, and artistic wedding photos. Wedding photos that generations will cherish.

Creative Wedding Photography 
On your wedding day, I will capture your wedding memories creatively. Then in my digital lab, I will transform each and every photo into a masterpiece. Yes, I will provide you with the dreamy look romantic photos. I touch up each and every photo carefully. Skin is smoothened on each and every photo so that every photo looks like it came from a glamour magazine. Colour is corrected for calibrated lab printer or sometimes deliberately I may add some filters to give it the vintage film look. For some photos, I will transform them into evergreen classic rich Black & White photos. I deliver elegant, and stylish wedding photographs to  my clients. Speaking about clients, they simply do the best job of advertising for me by spreading the word.

Luscious Wedding Memory Album
I give my clients a wedding album keeper. With it’s 10×10 inch dimensions, with a rich cover with imprints, and flush mount, every corner of the album oozes with class and quality. Is it any wonder that this album usually becomes the most cherished one for my clients. A memory treasure trove.

I deliver the final quality product to my clients with speed. After all I understand how curious couples are to view their special album containing their beautiful wedding memories.

Knowledge and skills
I have been delivering exclusive, artistic, and elegant wedding photography to my clients for 8 years now. I provide lots of advice and helpful tips to my clients. I have, over a period of time built up a blog which contains some really great content with many tips for wedding couples and bride. My clients have told me that I am cheerful, friendly, pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, and a very artistic wedding photographer.

Like I mentioned earlier, I get a fair amount of wedding photography clients by word of mouth. My customers confidence in me, a smile on their face, the mellow look on a brides face when she see’s her beautiful wedding album, this is all what keeps me going. It motivates me to deliver the same high quality, artistic wedding photography service to couples.

I only do a maximum of twenty weddings a year. Most clients book a year ahead. Especially so if my clients are planning a summer time wedding. Please call me at 778-712-7110 now or filling out the contact form by clicking here or provide me your email address and I will write back to you soon. I promise to reply to each and every email.

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